1. Get 1% Better Everyday

This first point is inspired by James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits. Clear emphasizes that while a 1% improvement may not seem significant at first, it can add up over time and be beneficial in the long run.

Think about it like compound interest, compound interest is when you earn interest on the money you saved and earned. For example, say you put 10,000 dollars into a high-yield savings account that offered a 4% APY. By the end of the year, you would be at $10,400, and in year 2, you’d be at $10,800. So while 1 percent may seem like nothing now, the more you let it build, the greater returns it will have.

Clear calculated if you get 1 percent better every day for a year, you’ll end up 37 PERCENT BETTER by the time you’re done. It’s worth noting that if you consistently get 1 percent worse each day, you’ll eventually reach, if not come very close to 0 percent.

If you don’t know where to start, some good examples of getting 1% better every day may include:

  • Sticking to a diet
  • Going for a run
  • Reading a book
  • Self-educate
  • Sleeping early
  • Drinking more water
  • Waking up early

Becoming 1% better doesn’t mean performing massive actions every day. It means focusing on small actions that eventually lead to big results.

Remember, progress is different for everyone so don’t get discouraged if you feel like taking “small” actions every day isn’t benefiting you. The most successful people always think long-term, they take actions every day that will benefit them in the future.

“What starts as a small win or minor setback accumulates into something more“- James Clear 

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